Wendell Yap 

Tattoo artist from Cebu City, Philippines.

Born and grew in Manila, his love for art started at a young age as he is fond of making doodles, painting and drawing when he was as kid. However, his interest in tattooing started when he was in high school.

He met Vanz Opider in Makati Cinema Square when he was in 3rd year high school and got his first tattoo from him- a Geisha tattoo on his leg. This kicked off his urge to become a tattoo artist. He then became an apprentice of Vanz in his tattoo shop in Makati doing henna tattoos, small piece tattoos, body paintings and body piercing. He then started to join tattoo competitions and conventions in different areas in the Philippines. In 2011, he decided to go back to Cebu to open his own tattoo shop, as Cebu is his mother’s hometown. Since then, he has been tattooing clients from Cebu and from around the globe to this date.

Practiced Proper Hygiene

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